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Training and Development 

One of our charitable aims is 'Education and Training' and we meet this aim by making grants to individuals. 

Discover the different funds available and how to apply, below. 

Training and Development Fund

This fund is set up from money raised at the Essex Young Farmers’ Shows and the CSH Environmental Campaign and topped up each year to assist Essex Young Farmers’ members with training that will help them with their careers, not necessarily associated with agriculture.  However, courses or training that are specific to a certain employment and would normally be paid for by employers may not qualify.


Successful applicants will need to have been members of a club for at least 18 months and shown to be active within their Clubs or at County/Show level.

Grants are up to 75% of the training cost (test fees are not funded) and the amount granted is capped at £500 per year.  E.g. if you are completing a trailer test for £650 and were granted the full 75%, you would receive £487.50.  If the training came to £750 and you were granted the 75% you would receive the capped amount of £500. 

The Witham & District
Rural Educational Trust Fund 

The Witham & District Rural Educational Trust Fund (W&DRETF) is a sum of money that is available to be accessed by members aged 16-28 of Essex Young Farmers to assist with educational, practical, or vocational training linked to agriculture, horticulture, rural studies, rural business, countryside matters, equestrian studies, animal care, animal welfare, veterinary science or similar.  There is a further opportunity to apply for university grants providing the courses are linked to the above subjects.

The fund is overseen by the W&DRETF Trustees, who include the County Chair & Vice Chair together with, if possible, members of the farming community that have connections to the Witham area.  There are no fixed limits, grants are given at the Trustees discretion.

The DC Bower Fund (2012)

There is a fund held by Essex County Federation of Young Farmers that was originally the DC Bower Scholarship; ECFYFC Trustees are responsible for the funds and for awarding it to worthwhile applicants.

Awards are made to Essex Young Farmers to assist with the cost of trips at home or aboard with obvious links to agriculture, the countryside or to further their career.  There are no fixed limits, grants are given at the Trustees discretion.

  • What can be funded?

  • Educational trips, home or abroad, such as travel expenses, educational or tuition fees and other justified expenses.

  • What can’t be funded?

  • Activities that are the responsibility of schools, colleges and further education establishments in discharge of their statutory obligations.

  • Retrospective grants i.e. the fund cannot fund anything that has already been paid for or taken place.

  • Holidays

  • Clearance of debts.

National Federation of Young Farmers' Clubs

Travel opportunities with NFYFC are advertised here:

How To Apply: 

Step One:

Contact the County Co-ordinator at Essex YFC County Office on 01245 360442 or the Training and Development Officer to discuss your application.

Step Two: 

  • Complete the application form, obtain your reference and forward it to the Essex YFC County Office

Step Three:

  • It is important to be able to show a commitment to Young Farmers and preferably to have been member of an Essex club for over 18 months and a regular attendee of weekly club meetings.

What Happens Next: 

  • The application will be acknowledged by email.

  • The application will be sent to the F&GP Committee prior to an F & GP meeting (usually the 3rd Wednesday of the month) being held.

  • Retrospective applications for training will only be considered for the previous two months.

  • The application will be considered by the Committee, which consists of five members of the Exec Committee plus the County Chairman, Vice County Chairman, Past County Chairman, County President, County President Elect, County Treasurer, Asst County Treasurer, Show Chairman and National Council Member.

  • The applicant might be asked to submit additional supporting information.

  • The F&GP Committee/W&DRETF Trustees, who are responsible for the Training and Development funds, will make the final decision.

  • The assessment and approval process can be time consuming, but every effort will be made to provide a decision following the Trustees meeting.

  • All applicants, whether successful or not, will be advised of the outcome in writing.

  • Unfortunately not all applicants will be successful and any amounts awarded will be at the discretion of the F & GP Committee/W&DRETF Trustees.

Successful Applicants: 

  • Once the training has been completed and paid, successful applicants are required to forward a copy of the invoice together with their bank details to County Office in order for funds to be released.

  • Under no circumstances may the grant be used for any other purpose than that identified on the application form, random checks may be made with the training provider. Should the applicant request a change of use to any award made, they MUST contact the F & GP Committee before committing any expenditure. Failure to do so may result in the award being withdrawn.

  • Please do not start your training or spend any money until the award has been confirmed in writing.  The committee will, however, consider applications where training has taken place in the previous two months. 

  • You need to inform County Office within 6 weeks or sooner when your training/activity has been completed.

  • Any photos or reports you can send into County Office which can be used to promote the Training & Development are very welcome!

  • If the activity/project does not go ahead the monies awarded must be paid back to the DC Bower fund in full.

  • You must be prepared to produce a power point presentation to Young Farmer Clubs throughout the County to promote the DC Bower Travel Fund within a year of finishing your activity.




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